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FOX News
Mar 5, 2014 1:00pm PST
agrees. what do you say, larry? >> you're absolutely right when you call her spoiled and disrespectful. she believes she is entitled to her parent's money, and there's that entitlement word again, even though she doesn't want to follow their rules. i love parents who believe in the old adage, my roof, my rules. parents who set up boundaries and consequences and then enforce them. we need more parents like this, not fewer. and they certainly shouldn't be sued for what that i have done. >> all right. now, she claims that they reneged on making payments at this school where she's a student and further more have told her, you're on your own for college. is that fair? >> well, it is bad. the fact that they're here in court is sad to me. i feel for her. i know it's unpopular -- >> i feel for both. it shouldn't come to this, for either side. >> i think the family needs therapy. i think she needs therapy and counseling. it's so sad to me that she hasn't seen her parents since october. i think all of that's really, really sad. i do think parents need to lay down the law. i'm a parent. >> do you
FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 1:00pm PST
without a fight. >> if you can hang on there, jennifer, i want to bring in a story and larry sab adough. these are types of unexpected events pop up when a president under pressure can raise how much we can do to respond to a crisis. most americans feel for this time does not really affect them, but it depends on how it goes, right? >> sure, and this reminds us how quickly things can change in an election year. given american public opinion about military involvement abroad in the post-iraq, post-afghanistan era, it's fair to say that americans overwhelmingly would not favor any sort of military action, perhaps sanctions. but the president's options, president obama's options are really quite limited here. and i think president putin has all the aces. >> you know, there is a feeling, too, that sanctions don't really do jack whatever. i mean, right? we get past them, and rogues get past them. and rogue countries get past them. so what difference would sanctions, even severe sanctions, make? especially if we're the only ones, you know, pushing them? and much of europe is dragging i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2